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I Almost Had A Daily Create For Today

One of my coworkers emailed me asking me how was my 3-day weekend, since I took off this past Friday. I sent her an email explaining how I was stressed out about this class and sent her the picture of my visual assignment with the woman holding her head. She called me on the phone cracking up laughing. She asked me how in the world I make that picture. Then I started laughing because I told her my professor advised me I had to show the steps of my assignment and I had a hard time remembering how I created the assignment, I was just playing around clicking on stuff. We both laughing so hard on the phone that tears is watering in my eyes. On top of that I decided to tell her about today’s DailyCreate Assignment she needs to be in front of me laughing instead of on the phone. She said “OMG! I cannot believe it and the assignment is making me laugh more than the photo you sent me “ So I hope this makes everyone laugh, even though it is not an recording, Only if our conversation was recorded. 

Summary of Challenges and Accomplishments Week 1

My first week as everyone knows was very challenging for me, but I am thankful I really did not go crazy.  I know I let my nerves get the best of me because I was not thinking clearly, all I seen was I had to do something that I was not familiar with. My daughter called me every day and would ask me. “how am I doing with my projects, “ because she knew how stressed I was. She is in grad school and I know she has her own challenges with her 30 and 40 page papers.

I think my biggest challenge is learning how to not panic when I see something new or do not completely understand what I am required to do. I know this is a learning experience and I thank God for the struggles I am going through because it is giving me the capability to understand and grow as the weeks go by. I do not know how I made it this week and I know I was getting on the professor’s nerve, tweeting and emailing her questions because I was in overload mode. On Friday, I did not get anything done, maybe just one thing, I even had computer issues when I joined the Google hang-out session. I also had challenges creating assignments because I was trying to figure out what is visual and design. I have seen some great posts with some creative work and it gives me something to think about. I have to think outside of the box more.  I think because I am an older adult student, I am set in my ways and my outside of the box is not as creative as the younger students. Ask me to decorate your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, which is my kind of creativity. I know I have to think photography, art, and visions of life. I think I did OK for my first week and I hope I can progress more in the second week and overcome my fears even when I do not understand what I am required to do. I also took some notes from Dr Wesch on how to edit a video on YouTube; I think that was some very useful information. I have created the work that was asked of me this week and I am really proud of myself for the responses and complicates I received. It was a challenge going back and tracking my steps of my first visual assignment because it was my first assignment and I was just trying to make sure it was done on time. I had to redo the whole thing to show the steps. I guess this is why they say practice makes perfect.

Here is the work I accomplished this week:


Reflection – Michael Wesch – Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

After watching Dr. Michael Wesch’s talk on internet culture, I totally agree with him that students do not find learning fun. Education is not teaching students what they need to know. Unless it is a class they are totally interested in, they are just going through the motions to pass their class. There are some classes that students feel are not necessary to take, but as a requirement for their degree, they are forced to do so. If there is going to be a class that a student has to take, make it fun and interesting. Some professors make it boring with PowerPoint Presentations that have no light in them, just a whole bunch of words put together for the student to remember. I remember when I was attending Strayer University, I was taking my first accounting class and I had a question for the professor. I cannot remember what the question was, but I remember his response, “It’s in the book”, I was annoyed and responded back,” If I seen it in the book, I would not be asking you this question.” He was just sat there and said, “If you still cannot find it, I will show you after class.” That was not a good example of a professor that wanted to make his class interesting and fun.

It was an amazing story how Dr. Wesch made his first video and how much you can see how the media watches videos. I also agree that social media is a distraction; I have seen so many people that cannot put their phones down for one minute. They are either texting, tweeting, or are on Facebook posting something. Dr. Wesch has taught students so many different ways how technology works and how fun it can be. He mentions a quote from Gardner Campbell, “move from information literacy to meta-media fluency to digital citizenship connect, organize, share collect, collaborate, and publish to anyone in the world to create a better world.”

Ds106 is all about creating, narrating, posting, tweeting, and sharing information with other students all over the web. Even though I get frustrated with some of the different assignments we have to do for this class, but I know it is necessary. If you want to advance in technology, I believe this is one way to get an idea of what to expect if you want to go deeper into social and digital media. This is the power of the media and it is not going anywhere and I know I can pick and choose to be on certain social media websites or post blogs outside of this class. Now that it is a requirement to be on several social media websites, create my own domain and blog page, create videos, photos, I can see how much it means to be more educated. There are so many people that are stuck in the past that new technology scares them. That makes me think about when I first started working at the Federal Reserve Board in 2009, they were so behind in technology and they use a lot of paper. I wanted to scream because I felt like I was going backwards in technology. I was so used to doing everything electronically. When paper was introduced back in my life, I was so irritated. They are getting better, but they are still behind in technology, they just started using YouTube and twitter. How funny is that? .

I am still trying to get a better understanding of this class and I have had some bad days this week where I have not been able to get nothing done. I think I got so frustrated that I was not able to really understand what the assignment was telling me to do. It is a learning process and I am praying I will progress as the weeks go by. I loved two quotes that Dr. Wesch mentioned, “This is the main purpose of education to give people the opportunity of not ever being bored,” Mary Womack (1978). “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” Margaret Mead (1901-1978).

The world is changing whether we get on board or not and there is no way to fight it because you will lose. 

TDC Poem

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Gardner Campbell : Personal Cyberinfrastructure

At the Open Education Conference in 2009 and in the article Gardner Campbell describes how much technology has changed from the early days. He points out how back in the days of web in higher education involved workshops on the basic HTML, presentations of course web pages, and seed money in the form of grants and equipment to help faculty, staff, and occasionally even students to generate and manage content in those strange “public.html” folders that suddenly appeared on newly connected desktops. He also talks about education and being open minded is the key to learning and how difficult it is to maintain and teach students this difficult process.

As years went by colleges and universities introduced online classes, I have taken several online classes at Strayer University; I have had both good and bad experiences online. It is crucial that you are able to interact with your classmates and teachers. It can be difficult if you do not have a professor that interacts with you online because sometimes you have questions that cannot wait until the next day. This is just my second online class here at UMW. The web is famous and has a large group of people using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Blogger. I have only used Facebook in the past, but then I had to create an account and get familiar with Twitter when I took my online macroeconomics class at UMW last fall. I never knew how to tweet until then. How funny is that,  and I really am not fond of it because of the limitation of characters you can type.
I do believe it is important for everyone to be educated in some shape or form on the effects of technology. I think Campbell’s idea about colleges and universities shaping curricula to support and inspire the imagination of students who are enrolled are assigned to their own web servers. This gives them time to progress with different tools and applications on the web. I also believe that the younger students enrolled in colleges and universities are full of imaginary ideas that can encourage and help the next generation.

On the video Professor Campbell quotes a statement by Clay Shirley, “You are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race.” He constantly repeats “digital facelift “. Digital facelift is newspapers online with all of the stories. Campbell feels there should be no digital facelift and there should be three recursive practices:

1- Narrating
2- Curating
3- Sharing

I can relate to some of what Campbell is talking about to this class, we are building our own cyberinfrastructure with posting blogs, creating digital visual and design photos and videos. Going from one website to another, downloading so many different applications you cannot figure out if you have everything you need. I totally wish I have been more educated about cyberinfrastructure. Campbell mentioned that the American Counsel of Learning Societies stated that cyberinftrastructure is something more specific than network itself, but it is something generated than a tool or a resource developed for a particular project, a range of projects or more broadly for a particular discipline. I would never even use that word in my vocabulary if I was not enrolled in Ds106 because I am only familiar with the names of the social media accounts, blogging, emailing, etc. Sometimes we do not think about what in entails for something to work.

I have taken from Campbell’s article and video conference that I strongly believe that an open mind is necessary taking this class because it is overwhelming when you have never had a blog or social media account. Most people do not want their information public and I believe that is why there are a few people especially the older generation that does not use social media and blogs. I can admit that this class has been a constant struggle through some these assignments because it is new and sometimes my brain goes into overload before I cannot fully understand the details of the assignment. With the way technology is growing, it is very important to share and educate others about cyberinfrastructure.

Videos of Inspiration for Visual and Design

It was amazing watching the first video representing the visual of words. It moved from one word to other with the video flowing within the words. It was really nice how the words and video had no pauses; it just went straight to the power of the word into the small vision of each video clip. The second video from the director of photography for National Geographic was very inspirational and touching with the stories he were telling that related to each photo. Sometimes you can look at a picture and come up with your own story, but your story may not be exactly what the photo is representing in another persons eyes or vision. I believe these to videos show the passion of how someone feels about photography and how they can make it come to life with amazing stories.

Flower of Time (Visual Assignment

My Visual Art represents me exploring and becoming a better creator in this class. I wanted to show how in time you can get better with whatever you do. It may take you longer to get it, but in time you will get the hang of it. The clock represents that time is on my side and the photo of the flower shows how you start by taking photos of images and the art poster represents my progress over time. It takes time to create art.

There are two photos in Flickr, the photo and the oil paint Art.

Flower of Time 2

Steps of creating a Art Poster from a photo pixlr

The Image of Me (Visual Assignment #1)

This visual Assignment is an image of me. Since I have been talking about how stressed I was and how I need to relax. I have three photos, one represents me when I am relaxed, calm, and overload stressed. I took two pictures of some tulips that I had on my desk at work and uploaded them to pixlr. I decided to adjust the first one with the images Kaleidoscope and solarize and the second one just with solarize.

I did a Google search for “going crazy” and was able to find the image of the woman in the center so it could look like my mind was spinning in circles. I saved the image on my computer, but was not able to upload it in Flickr. So I used my Ulead Photo Express software and enhanced the image of the solarize photo and placed the photo of the woman in the center of the solarize photo and saved it to my computer and then uploaded it to Flickr

The picture of just the tulips represents me being calm and relaxed, the picture of the tulips in the image of kaleidoscope and solarize is my mind turning and going in overload. The last photo is how I felt when I first started reading everything this class entails.

The Image of Me

Steps of Visual Assign An Image of Me

ds106zone LoDown 001

Ds106zone LoDown 001 is a podcast and was created or introduced by Scottlo. He talks about ways to help students create different types of audio and how crucial it is to think about assignments at the very beginning. He gives advice and pointers to anyone interested in doing audio. Scottlo also gives examples of some audio you can listen to on his radio blog. I also listened to the Ds106zone LoDown 002 by mistake, but the information was useful and it was only about 5 or six minutes long where he talks about how he was not aware that his blog was required to listen to by Jim Croom for UMW students; and how he hopes he does not bore or disappoint anyone. He wants to make sure all of the information he share is useful. He briefly talks about links and tabs he will set up on his blog to help the students out with creating their audio assignment. He also suggested instead of doing a blog response, do an audio response to his blog if you have any questions. There will be other information he will be linking to his blog and will have information on how to do an audio entry through your mobile phone in one of the next audio blogs.
Scottlo also states that he will have about six audio blogs a week and one long one to help you throughout the course and to create/record your own audio. I think the weekly audio information will be useful as well as the links. Even though the assignments we are required to do makes me nervous, but I am excited at the same time.