ds106zone LoDown 001

Ds106zone LoDown 001 is a podcast and was created or introduced by Scottlo. He talks about ways to help students create different types of audio and how crucial it is to think about assignments at the very beginning. He gives advice and pointers to anyone interested in doing audio. Scottlo also gives examples of some audio you can listen to on his radio blog. I also listened to the Ds106zone LoDown 002 by mistake, but the information was useful and it was only about 5 or six minutes long where he talks about how he was not aware that his blog was required to listen to by Jim Croom for UMW students; and how he hopes he does not bore or disappoint anyone. He wants to make sure all of the information he share is useful. He briefly talks about links and tabs he will set up on his blog to help the students out with creating their audio assignment. He also suggested instead of doing a blog response, do an audio response to his blog if you have any questions. There will be other information he will be linking to his blog and will have information on how to do an audio entry through your mobile phone in one of the next audio blogs.
Scottlo also states that he will have about six audio blogs a week and one long one to help you throughout the course and to create/record your own audio. I think the weekly audio information will be useful as well as the links. Even though the assignments we are required to do makes me nervous, but I am excited at the same time.


5 thoughts on “ds106zone LoDown 001

  1. I did not have any questions to ask him and I did not respond to his audio. I did think that would be nice, but first I need to know how to do an audio synopsis on his blog. I did not see anything on his blog yet stating how to create one. 🙂

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