I Almost Had A Daily Create For Today

One of my coworkers emailed me asking me how was my 3-day weekend, since I took off this past Friday. I sent her an email explaining how I was stressed out about this class and sent her the picture of my visual assignment with the woman holding her head. She called me on the phone cracking up laughing. She asked me how in the world I make that picture. Then I started laughing because I told her my professor advised me I had to show the steps of my assignment and I had a hard time remembering how I created the assignment, I was just playing around clicking on stuff. We both laughing so hard on the phone that tears is watering in my eyes. On top of that I decided to tell her about today’s DailyCreate Assignment she needs to be in front of me laughing instead of on the phone. She said “OMG! I cannot believe it and the assignment is making me laugh more than the photo you sent me “ So I hope this makes everyone laugh, even though it is not an recording, Only if our conversation was recorded. 


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