A Strong Word – Design Assignment 1

ds106 Design Assignment for Word PowerFul

I picked this word because to me it represents strength in what you do. You may talk about a speaker, but once you put the word powerful in front of it, you are stating this person is an expert in what they do and this makes them stand out as powerful.  Whatever you are strong in, you are powerful.

I  used the word document and decided to take the 3 letters you hear when you break it up into a syllable and left the rest of the letters in a smaller font and the entire word and style is in adobe Gothic.  The word powerful alone is strong just by the beginning letters of the three syllables.

Style for Word Assignment

5 thoughts on “A Strong Word – Design Assignment 1

  1. Hey Yvette! For future assignments you should imbed your media onto the webpage instead of as links, that way it makes it easier for the reader to follow along with your story while looking at the image at the same time 🙂

  2. I really like how you approached this assignment! You used the language itself to manipulate the word powerful. Those letters that you emphasized are what makes the word itself powerful; it is the ‘umph’ of the word. I also like that you went with a simple font. The word does not need embellishment.

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