Comments and Feedback -Summary

I found that I have that most of the classmates are very productive and creative and it is hard for me to point out something negative when I really cannot see what they are doing wrong. I am not sure of my assignments sometimes and I have learned some things from other classmate’s tutorials explaining how they did something. It has been a very stressful week because I am out of town and have been having Wi-Fi and internet problems since off and on for four days.
I have received some very positive comments with some suggestions and it was much appreciated. I have used Picmonkey for the first time thanks to one of my fellow classmates, (Randi).  I have reviewed her posts and find her designs and creativity amazing, as well as Anna’s. It is a process, but I am getting there and I am exploring other options to help me be more creative and give me more options. I have learned that to look at my assignments as a whole not just as an design.
I have Photoshop on one of my laptops, but was not able to download it on the main laptop I use; I keep getting an error message. I am going to try and play with it to see what else I can come up with. I have noticed that a few classmates are very productive using that software as well.
It is very helpful to get feedback because this helps you grow in your process of creativity.
It has been stressful, but I believe I was able to complete all of my assignments, even with the Wi-Fi and internet issues.
I have attached my assignments below:



Design Assignments







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