On Top of The World and Counting My Blessings – DailyCreate #9 – 7/7/14

I picked this picture because this represents my fear of flying and I realize I need to overcome it. I always tend to close my eyes and immediately start praying. I pray before I get on the plane, while on the plane, and when I get off I pray and thank God for getting me to my destination safe. When the plane takes off I usually try not to look out of the window or even sit in a window seat. I thought to myself, taking pictures from the plane may be useful for this class and it is time for me to face my fear of flying. 

On Top of The World and Counting My Blessings

All I did was upload this picture from my phone and saved it to my computer. I used pixlr to edit it under the text tool and uploaded it to flickr.


4 thoughts on “On Top of The World and Counting My Blessings – DailyCreate #9 – 7/7/14

  1. I just try NOT to think about it. Haha. Not the best idea, but I generally just focus on being in the plane. Not where the plane is, but where I am in it. I just ignore the how high are we or how fast are we going questions. I am just sitting on a seat chilling. Try Matthew 6:25-34

  2. I remember before I went on a plane for the first time i was PERTRIFIED to go on one. But then the time came for when I really needed to get a plane ride and again, I was pertrified. But shortly after I realized the worst part was the turbulence so I just tried to sleep through the whole trip. Now, after about 12 plane trips I actually really enojoy the window seat becuase of all the beautiful views. And also, if you sleep then you risk the chance of getting food and drinks! So, its not all too bad 🙂

    • Yes, I was petrified the first 2 or 3 times and have always flown with someone and anyone I flew with, would tell me they can see the fear on my face as soon as I am waiting to board the plane. The last maybe 3 or 4 times, I had to fly by myself and one time the turbulence was so bad me and this lady was holding hands because she was scared as well. :). I usually cannot sleep on a plane, but I did sleep this time because I was so exhausted. I took like cat naps here and there. :). Thanks for the advice because I need all I can get. My daughter always tell me that it is safe to fly than it is to drive and my response to her is, but my feet is not far from the ground and I guess it makes me feel safer.

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