A Bush of Broccoli Having Fries Their Way – DailyCreate #10

I figured since broccoli is so healthy for you; why not give it something that is not good for you like McDonald’s Fries. :). We all have that day when we just want to eat something that we know is not good for us, but it tastes so good. We cannot resist sometimes and just say, I guess it will be fine today because you have been eating so good and healthy for the past couple of months. 🙂 The question I thought of was “what would a vegetable love to eat if they could have it?” I think everyone loves McDonald’s Fries, but try to stay away from them. 🙂

I am not the greatest artist, but this is an original by Yvette Harvey 🙂

Broccoli Having fries


7 thoughts on “A Bush of Broccoli Having Fries Their Way – DailyCreate #10

  1. I like your thought behind why the broccoli is actually eating the fires because at first I just thought maybe you hated broccoli and you wished it tasted like McDonalds fries. I can’t stand McDonalds fries myself because they are way too salty. I guess the one thing I am wondering is what the red thing is between the fires and the broccoli? perhaps a tongue? Anyway, way to be original! I like the title too.

    • Thank you Elizabeth, I am not much of an artist anymore :), the red thing in the bush of broccoli is the mouth.I agree with you about their fries are salty, but once you go to that right McDonald’s that knows how not to over seasoned them with salt. They taste really good, anyway I love any kind of potato and I am not a McDonald’s fan, but I know there are not too many people that do not like their fries.

  2. I think broccoli would love macdonals fries, everyone does. I like the contrast of broccoli eating the fries. You can never eat just a few fries so i like how your broccoli bush is eating the whole container. I think its ok for once in awhile to treat yourself to something unhealthy, otherwise you would go crazy and just end up pigging out one day.

  3. this is such a cool drawing. it is very ironic with the vegetable eating the fries. The only critique that I have is to maybe use a different media for the drawing.

    • Thanks, Yes I had like an hour to post it, and I figured I would draw it instead. Not the best artist anymore. I have no idea how that happened, I use to know how to draw really well when I was younger. 🙂

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