Panic and Emotional

This seems like the week from hell, I thought everything would go smoothly after last weekend when I was having internet issues. This week tops it all, my sister calls me on Wednesday and tells me my brother-in-law having surgery to clear some blockage from his heart valves on Thursday. I had to be there for her so after work I made time to be with her after the surgery. Now I am pushing it because now I do not really have that much time to get my assignments done and I have to go out of town for a family event. So Friday is here and I figured that I am prepared because I have 2 laptops with me just in case one gives me problems. So after my 5 1/2 hour drive to New York, I get to my daughter’s house and she is not there but I have a key.

So I am ready to sign on and do some assignments, I tried connecting to her internet with the key code and everything with my main laptop. Not what I expected, I kept getting an error message. Long story short, it would not work for some reason. I tried using my back-up mini laptop, of course it is slow as turtles and I cleared out my trash to speed it up a little. I think I was able to view some posts and comment on one thing, then the all of a sudden I am getting an error message stating not responding, so instead of using Firefox, I switched to Google Chrome and still got the same error. It took me 40 minutes just to get to the assignment page and view the next assignment. I am panicking and my daughter comes in and is trying to reassure me that she is going to fix the problem and to calm down it is probably something that I am doing wrong.

Panic attack


She tried to see why my main laptop would not work and did some computer resolutions and nothing. The end result was my daughter stated she would buy me another computer because I really need one and since I have always made sure she had her necessities for school, that is the least she could do for me. I was so grateful and am so touched by her words. Now I am pressed for time and not sure I will get everything done in time, but I will do my best.


My New computer

This is why I talked about road blocks, you never know when they come and how you get through them 🙂


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