Teenager In Shock and In Disbelief – Use The Voice

I decided to pick this Assignment as my audio assignment with a similar void of Don LaFontaine. Most teenagers act like they are going to die without their cell phones, so I decided to see if I could do a story using this concept. I picked a photo Google for shocked teenagers for this audio.


I think I finally got the links right. 🙂



I was not able to use the Frantic photo of the teenager, my daughter only has Wi-Fi and the both of us using it is slowing us down and we are having issues getting kicked out.

I recorded myself in GarageBand and was able to edit my voice and picked a man voice

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 7.46.29 PM

I could not find the man voice in my computer, so I had to use my daughters and then emailed it to myself and saved it and uploaded it to SoudCloud


8 thoughts on “Teenager In Shock and In Disbelief – Use The Voice

  1. I think the pitch on the audio is way to low to understand. Be moderate with the pitch, a little can go a long way. Also, instead of copying and pasting links directly into your post, WordPress allows you to hyperlink individual words or phrases without any kind of coding. When you are typing a new post select the word you wish to hyperlink and at the top of the post editing tools there is an icon that looks like a chain link press that. Then paste the URL there and the word you selected should be hyperlinked.

    • Thank you for your feedback Jack, I was still working on this assignment in question. I have been having computer issues a and just was trying to get things in before my internet kick me out again, I was literally waiting for internet access to make edits to several assignments.I never got back access until I got home about an hour ago The voice was not that low on my end, so it could be that everyone do not have the same audio volume. But thanks again, I will try and make it louder next time and be mindful that everyone audio sound does not have the same volume.

  2. Great job for this assignment! Next time, I think it would be helpful as a reader to have a little more detail as to exactly what your process was. I have’t used GarageBand yet (I’ve been using Audacity), so some more step by step instructions would be helpful! 🙂

  3. Nice job! It would be helpful if you supplied the link to the assignment you chose that way we can know exactly what you’re supposed to do. Also, instead of posting the full link to websites, you could use the “insert/edit link” option when you are writing the post (it’s the button that sort of looks like a paperclip, at least that’s what I think). You just type a word that you want to be clickable, highlight it, click the paperclip thing, and paste the actual link into the URL box. Then, anyone can just click on the word to take them to the website. It looks a little neater than the entire link!

    • Thank you so much Sarah, I have been having so many issues with staying on-line, I knew I had to try and figure it out only if I could stay on line, I had some edits to somethings and I believe that was one of them. I just was trying to get it in before the deadline. I really appreciate it, because I could not figure that out off hand. Sometimes when you are stressed, you cannot think clearly, your thoughts get clouded on what to do next or how to do something.

    • I think I did try that option last night, but it did not work. Maybe I did it wrong. I will try it again. I was using my Mac, I am going to try it on my Dell now that I am home, it is back working.

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