Sunset in the Rain – DailyCreate 13

I took this picture last week Tuesday evening after we had some rain showers. I was on my way home from my ASL (American Sign Language) class and I thought the sky looked so pretty and thought maybe I will be able to use this for one of my DailyCreates. 🙂 The Sun will live forever.




Sunset in the Rain - DailyCreate 13


3 thoughts on “Sunset in the Rain – DailyCreate 13

  1. Hi Yvette! I like your picture! I do agree that nature is something so fascinating and it is amazing that it is all immortal! I used the sky and the mountains to represent my view of immortality 🙂
    I like how you made the IMMORTALITY as a hiperlink that leads to your flicker account.
    I would suggest to change IMMORALITY to IMMORTALITY thought hehe 🙂 that is actually what I myself read in the assignment for the first time 😉 good think I read it again 😉
    Also, you can copy and past the link of the picture on you flicker account and to paste it to your blog to be able to see the picture on your blog page.

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