Draw It – Photo to Drawing Visual Assignment Week 4

I picked this photo because of the word HOPE because as long as you believe, there is hope.The image just catches your eye because it is large and trimmed so neatly.

I do a lot of praying when it comes to this class and if you have faith in prayer, you have hope. 🙂


I took the original image and uploaded it from my computer to pixlr

The Rythm of Hope

And turned it into a drawing

The Rythm of Hope Drawing





I took this original photo and uploaded it in pxlr

New Picture


Under the adjustment tab I clicked on old photo


New Picture (2)

New Picture (3)


Then I clicked on the filter tab and clicked on art photo

New Picture (1)



Then I adjusted the amount of color I wanted and checked the box inverse

New Picture (4)


This is my end result


New Picture (6)


For some reason I cannot just take a screenshot from pixlr and paste it in my blog, I tried it from my dell laptop and my mac book.  I had to paste the snapshot in a word document and then copy and paste in directly in my picture file under my documents


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