Babies and Dogs Talking Over Each Other With a Lullaby

I was trying to figure out what kind of assignment I could do, but then I started researching on YouTube about animals.  I came across this video I seen in the past that I thought was so adorable with the babies and dogs talking to each other, more like noise. One of my dear friends that past away 2 years ago had 5 kids, a dog, and always babysat her younger siblings.  It was so much noise at times when I went to visit her, I could not understand how she kept her sanity. She had a lot of patience and loved children, anyway, lot story short.  I was trying to find a way to portray the sounds and noise I did hear in her house sometimes.

This is a sound of babies and dogs and A lullaby song.  I believe this is how some parents hear their children and pets when they have a house full of children along with pets. 🙂


I took a video from YouTube and the other  a song from SoundCloud and did a mash-up with the song, the babies, and dogs voice.


The YouTube video was: Funny Dogs and babies talking – Cute dog and baby compilation


The SoundCloud song was: Hush Little Baby




I used Audacity for the first time, it was not as easy for because I had a had time placing the sounds under a timeline the way I saved both of the audios and could not figure out what I did wrong. Since I did not figure it out until after I changed some sounds I really wanted to keep. I do not have too many screenshots because I was playing around with some sounds to figure out how I wanted everything to blend in.  I used the echo sound and inverted it for the dogs and the babies YouTube video. For the Hush Little Baby song, I just adjusted the speed to make the music a little faster.


The final audio was saved and uploaded to SoundClound.


The echo sound, invert, and speed tab, is all under the effect tab.

First I saved the YouTube video on Media Player and saved it to my computer and uploaded it to





For some reason, only one of my snapshots copied and pasted as a png image photo and the rest the other 3 as a png image photo.   Word press blog does not accept bng image.  I am trying to find a way to get the images to come through, I was only able to do it as an PowerPoint file or a word.


No luck, I have to link the rest of the snapshots to PowerPoint or Word.

These are snapshots of editing one song and adding another song and editing them together.


Presentation1.pptx 2









New Picture (5)











7 thoughts on “Babies and Dogs Talking Over Each Other With a Lullaby

  1. I think this is a really clever assignment! I could definitely feel the chaos coming from the clip you created. Make sure to provide a link to the actual assignment from the assignment bank so everyone can see it.

  2. Wow I really like your video and your sound cloud compilation. You choose a perfect song to go with the chaos of the dogs and babies. It was musical, chaotic and peaceful all at the same time.

  3. I really like what you created, but is there a link to the assignment somewhere so we can all give it a shot? Also that is really strange with the photo issue. I have never heard of WP not excepting a png. Add the link, but otherwise great job!

  4. I like the nice twist you implemented with the Lullaby and Dogs with babies. I agree with you. I don’t know how your friend kept her sanity with all of these diverse sounds in the background. I think if you cut the clip with the squealing dogs and babies, it would have sounded better. The laughing babies with the singing/barking dogs sounds good. Overall, good job!

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