To Look, Listen, and Analyze A Movie

Sometimes when I look at a movie in silence, I tend to make my own assumptions what they are talking about. Even when you can hear a movie most people make assumptions of what is going to happen next. I believe this is how we receive or get the story as a whole.


I tried to embed The Pursuit of Happyness clip, but I had no such luck. Every way I try the whole playlist comes in, I did my Look, Listen, and Analyze on The Pursuit of Happyness number 30. I picked this movie because this is one of my favorite movies because it shows determination not to give up on one’s self.


Camera Work


The scene opens with Will Smith in jail, the cell is dark and he is slouched on the right in a corner. It show Will in an unhappy situation, shadows of the bars with a slight light showing on the wall. The video shows how time passes by from daylight to night and back to daylight. The camera is focused on Will as he runs as fast as he can, there is a slight sun light shining on the right side his face and a quick view of him from the back then to the left side. When He gets to his destination, the camera focuses right on him trying to zip his jacket and his actions shows he is angry and the camera light right on his face as he pushes a man to the side to get off the elevator.


The camera zooms out for the viewer to take notice that Will is not dressed the same way everyone in the waiting room is. The camera zooms back in out on his face from his left to right side. This video shows a lot in a little over 4 minutes and 45 seconds and gives you the visual of what is going on. The light seems a little brighter as the camera focuses on Will as he walks through a crowd of people, standing, talking on the phone, and yelling across the room. The angle of the camera stays focused on his face, the back of his head and now and then on the people he looks at and back to him.


Now the camera is showing Will in the light in the middle, but slightly to the left and two men in the middle, but slightly to the right. The camera goes back and forth as Will talks and the men talk, it shows a blurred background of outside the window when the camera is on the men. When Will talks the camera gives a slight close up and shows different angles from the front center to the left center. The background is showing the people talking on the phones, walking, and standing, this makes the foreground is stronger than the background. So Will is still standing out even though all of this chaos is going on behind him.




A light sound of music that seems to go a little deeper sounding like a violin, but you can feel some sort of sadness from the sound. A slight sound of a clock ticking makes you think time is passing by; and then a man’s voice, but very low tone. An up and steady music beat with a slight sound of a drum and a car speeding by. Not sure, but sound like a pat on something and then a sound of a bell, and then it gets a little quiet. All of a sudden I hear a woman calling for Mr. Gardiner and then phones ringing, and lots of people talking over each other very loud with slight music playing that gets a little louder, sound like a news room. You hear Will talking, introducing himself in a very mellow voice and sound happy. Another voice sounds a little deeper and more serious. Talking back and forth and then the sound of laughter, seems like the conversation went well.


The Full Story


This scene tells how a man down on his luck, just got out of jail and was determined not to miss his interview. Even though he was not dressed properly, he did not let that stop him from going on his interview. This scene also showed that you do not have to lie, there are people out there that will give you a chance when you have determination and is honest about your situation. I know sometimes that does not help, but in this situation it helped in his favor.