The Little Shy Girl Who Could Sing – DailyCreate 18


The End

This little girl recorded several songs thanks to her brother and five out of the seven songs become platinum. The girl decided to respond to one of the emails and had to overcome her fear of singing in front of people since singing was her passion. At first the little girl was so upset with him, but then she realized he must think she has a nice voice also. Even though what her brother did was sneaky, she knew he did it out of love. Maybe about a week after he posted the video, the little girl’s brother received several emails about his sister producing some songs. He was so excited and told his sister what he did and showed her the emails he received.So the brother decided to make the video of him playing the recording of his sister singing. The mother thought it was a good idea because no one will see her; it will just be her voice. He said he would video tape himself and play the recording after he explains why he recorded her.

Once he got her singing a couple of songs, he went to his mom to tell her what he did and was going to make a video and put it on YouTube. Her brother thought she had a really nice voice also, but would not dear tell her that. Her brother decided to record her singing with his phone without her knowledge. One day the little girl was singing all kinds of songs around the house and she had a younger brother that always teased her and would mock her singing. The little girl told her mother would be too scared to sing in front of anyone and that will never happen. She only sang in her house when she was doing chores or taking a shower. Her mom use to tell her she needs to go on one those competition singing shows. The little girl was 12 years old and had a little brother who was 11 years old. Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to sing all of the time, but was very shy.

The Beginning

Happy Cow and Calves – Poem of Stevenson DailyCreate 16

The friendly cow all red and white

I never seen a cow so jolly and bright

I can’t believe you are having calves of your own

How loving and happy they will be


She wanders lowing here and there

As her calves keep her running

She will fill them with happiness and fun

Makes you wonder if they will run


And blown by all the winds that pass

They will lay and eat in the fields under the sun

As the friendly cow gets old and white

Now her calves will be friendly, jolly, and bright


Robert Louis Stevenson