Blog – Foley-Charlie Chaplin

I read the instructions wrong and had to do my audio over, I thought I was suppose to do 2:00 to 2:30. 🙂 Silly me, but it was fun.  I just felt a little strange making crazy sounds. 🙂  I find it amazing how much technology has improved from barely any audio to all of these crazy sounds and linguistics of making a moving.

It is awesome how your imagination can tell the most amazing story if you think about what you want to tell.


I was responsible audio chaplin-lion-05  I used the following sounds for my Foley-Charlie Chaplin below:

Lion Sniffing Charlie – Me sniffing

Charlie patting his shoulders, front of pants and back- I just padded myself 3 times

Lion stretching – I made a roaring sound to interpret the lion’s stretch

Charlie Sighing when hold on the gate – i just sighed

Mowing sound – Lady waking up from fainting- I just made a mowing sound.



I felt this was a good assignment to practice and manipulate the sounds you are capable of making.  It can really surprise you what you can make just by using your body and mouth.  🙂 .

I Google photos of Charlie Chaplin from the Circus Movie and thought that was a good photo to use. This assignment reminds me of my ASL (American Sign Language) class because when you sign, you do not use sounds or talk.  You have to use hands, fingers, directions of movement, and facial expressions.  I always feel strange making the expressions like I felt making different sounds. 🙂