Summary of Challenges and Accomplishments Week 1

My first week as everyone knows was very challenging for me, but I am thankful I really did not go crazy.  I know I let my nerves get the best of me because I was not thinking clearly, all I seen was I had to do something that I was not familiar with. My daughter called me every day and would ask me. “how am I doing with my projects, “ because she knew how stressed I was. She is in grad school and I know she has her own challenges with her 30 and 40 page papers.

I think my biggest challenge is learning how to not panic when I see something new or do not completely understand what I am required to do. I know this is a learning experience and I thank God for the struggles I am going through because it is giving me the capability to understand and grow as the weeks go by. I do not know how I made it this week and I know I was getting on the professor’s nerve, tweeting and emailing her questions because I was in overload mode. On Friday, I did not get anything done, maybe just one thing, I even had computer issues when I joined the Google hang-out session. I also had challenges creating assignments because I was trying to figure out what is visual and design. I have seen some great posts with some creative work and it gives me something to think about. I have to think outside of the box more.  I think because I am an older adult student, I am set in my ways and my outside of the box is not as creative as the younger students. Ask me to decorate your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, which is my kind of creativity. I know I have to think photography, art, and visions of life. I think I did OK for my first week and I hope I can progress more in the second week and overcome my fears even when I do not understand what I am required to do. I also took some notes from Dr Wesch on how to edit a video on YouTube; I think that was some very useful information. I have created the work that was asked of me this week and I am really proud of myself for the responses and complicates I received. It was a challenge going back and tracking my steps of my first visual assignment because it was my first assignment and I was just trying to make sure it was done on time. I had to redo the whole thing to show the steps. I guess this is why they say practice makes perfect.

Here is the work I accomplished this week: