Design Safari

I am in New Orleans at the Essence Festival and they are promoting James Brown’s movie “Get On Up” and they had different images of James Brown. In front of one of his posters they had Ebony hair products and accessories in color that is I am assuming James Brown used on his hair. The colors caught my eye immediately because they stand out because color is the element of are that is produced the light striking object, is reflected by into the eye, according to Wikipedia.

James Brown With A Touch of Color jpg



Color and Asymmetrical Balance
My daughter’s friend had her phone out and her screensaver caught my eye. I asked her could I please take a picture of your screen for my assignment. This does not only have the elements of color, but it is an Asymmetrical Balance, it is full of triangles and because of the merging of the colors, they are not the same size. They do balance with a greater sense of visual tension. The colors stand out and it caught my eye immediately.


Triangles In Color



This photo is an element of typography because the word “Dream” stands out. It is a little larger than the rest of the letters and it is clearly specified twice. The message is to Dream and it shall happen if you make it.


Typography In Dream


I picked took a picture of this because the stones that the words are on have the same font size, but they are all on a different type of shape stone. I found it odd, and these are elements of shapes that have different images that stand out.


Shapes of words



I always thought this candle holder stood out, because of the shape and it reminds me of a lamp shade hanging over the candle. That odd shape shade is a proportion and I am not sure but it may be a good proportion.


Proportion of the candle holder shade


I took this picture at the Convention Center in New Orleans as well, it just looks so perfect and trimmed just right and the word HOPE is something that everyone has. This is Rhythm because even though they are different letters, they are the same size and the pattern is the same.

The Rhythm of Hope