LAW- Effective Immediately: $2500 minimum Cost of Living Increase Every Year

What is it?
All Private and Government Agencies are required to give all Employees a minimum of $2500 Cost of living Increase year.

What will it accomplish?

This will accomplish more revenue in the economy because people will have funds to feed their families, shop, pay bills, pay their mortgage or rent, and afford to ride public transportation among other things. This law will also give families the opportunities to try and save money for their children to go to college instead of having so many loans. This law will also prevent people in more debt because they are applying for more credit cards just to pay bills and buy food to eat. This law may help individuals working two jobs and not having time to spend with their families because they want to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food to eat.



The cost of living is constantly going up and people have not received raises to cover the extra cost. There are so many people living paycheck to paycheck and can barely pay their rent and utility bills. People are losing their homes and living with other family members because they cannot afford to pay rent. The expenses to ride public transportation are so expensive that people take jobs that they do not really want.

Bills Past Due

Who will be for it?

The people that are constantly out there struggling to make sure they do not drown under their bills and debt.
People who did not received raises in 2 to 3 years.
People that work for paychecks that are too small to cover their rent or mortgage.homeless-people-united-states1

Who will be against it?


This will help some people be grateful and appreciate their jobs more, for the ones who take it for granted.