Tweety Needs A Time Out-Kids Book

I picked the character Tweety Bird because he is so adorable and when my daughter was a baby, she had Tweety Bird characters all over her room. I Thought it would be nice to name my book “Tweety – Learns How To Use A Computer to Tweet” :). It was pretty difficult, because I had to go to different programs to do certain things I wanted in the design.


I went to Google to find images of Tweety Bird Books and found this image:

Tweety Bird

Here are a couple of images for the process below:

Tweety Learn How To Use A Computer To Tweet


Tweety Learn How To Use A Computer To Tweet Book


Tweety Learn How To Use A Computer To Tweet Book 3


This is my end result Tweety images here


I tried to find a video of Tweety Bird using a computer, no such luck, but I did find a picture of Tweety with a computer that looks like he is to happy.

Tweety is not happy with his computer


Please see my tutorial below of my process :

Tutorial ToTweety Bird Learns To Use A Computer To Tweet


Crash Course On How to Use Twitter-DailyCreate

I have great news! Remember how the other day you were saying you had a crick in your neck because you are trying to cook and talk on the phone at the same time. I can teach you something that you will never have to hold your phone with your face and shoulder again. I know you think computers are confusing, but there is this great thing called twitter and all you have to do is type what you want to say in a couple of words. No more long dreadful conversation when you are trying to avoid a conversation. . Let me know when you are ready, I can walk you through step by step to sign up for free .You really do not have to do anything, just create a username that would identify you when you tweet.

Lesson On Tweeting jpg