How to Create a Mashup audio between Music and A Conversation

I was not able to paste my snapshots, so I have to explain this tutorial just by text and I hope it is clear enough and I did not forget or miss a step.
First you need to find a video and song that want to blend or mashup  together. For some reason I was not able to do screen shots so when I originally did this assignment only one snapshot came through and I was not able to really explain the step by step details. So I will  try to put it in words as clear as possible.

Second step is to pick a software you want to use for your assignment, I used Audacity for this assignment, but there are other software that can do the same thing as Audacity. As mentioned above, find a video on YouTube and a song you would like to put together. You have visualize what kind of message you want to share or give in your assignment. My message was that when you live with a house full of kids and pets, it can sometimes sound like a whole bunch of voices talking fast that will not take a break or be quiet.
Third,  once you find your video, pick a song you a think will blend well with the video you picked. You can go to any cite you desire to get your music from. I got my song from SounCloud and downloaded the song to my computer.
Fourth, once you have your video and song, you have to use software to download to convert your YouTube video to your computer; I use either Faster YouTube Down Loader to MP3 Converter or if you are using Wndows and Iskysoft Free Video Downloader if you are using a MacBook.
Fifth,  once I downloaded and converted the video, then i uploaded it in Media Player and save it to my computer and then I had to import it from Audacity. Once my video was downloaded, I played around with the sound effects to my desire, I decided to try the echo sound, invert and speed all under the effect tab.
Sixth, once I was comfortable with the video sound I created, then I imported my song and did the same thing with the desired sound I wanted. I just adjusted the speed on the song; it was too slow, so just gave it a little more upbeat sound than what it was originally. Once I have adjusted the song to my desire. Then I just exported both of them and save it to my desired file. Then from Audacity I opened a new assignment and imported the video or you can just copy and paste it in Audacity and under the track of the video you import or copy and paste it Audacity.
Seventh, I just  tried to blend or mashup the song and the video my desire and that is my mashup video assignment tutorial. Once I had my desired sound, exported  and save it to my computer under my desired file and then I uploaded it to SoundCloud and that was my final step to listen and post it to my blog.


Copyright: Tye Productions – The YouTube video was: Funny Dogs and babies talking – Cute dog and baby compilation


Copyright: Lullaby Babies The SoundCloud song was: Hush Little Baby









Babies and Dogs Talking Over Each Other With a Lullaby

I was trying to figure out what kind of assignment I could do, but then I started researching on YouTube about animals.  I came across this video I seen in the past that I thought was so adorable with the babies and dogs talking to each other, more like noise. One of my dear friends that past away 2 years ago had 5 kids, a dog, and always babysat her younger siblings.  It was so much noise at times when I went to visit her, I could not understand how she kept her sanity. She had a lot of patience and loved children, anyway, lot story short.  I was trying to find a way to portray the sounds and noise I did hear in her house sometimes.

This is a sound of babies and dogs and A lullaby song.  I believe this is how some parents hear their children and pets when they have a house full of children along with pets. 🙂


I took a video from YouTube and the other  a song from SoundCloud and did a mash-up with the song, the babies, and dogs voice.


The YouTube video was: Funny Dogs and babies talking – Cute dog and baby compilation


The SoundCloud song was: Hush Little Baby




I used Audacity for the first time, it was not as easy for because I had a had time placing the sounds under a timeline the way I saved both of the audios and could not figure out what I did wrong. Since I did not figure it out until after I changed some sounds I really wanted to keep. I do not have too many screenshots because I was playing around with some sounds to figure out how I wanted everything to blend in.  I used the echo sound and inverted it for the dogs and the babies YouTube video. For the Hush Little Baby song, I just adjusted the speed to make the music a little faster.


The final audio was saved and uploaded to SoundClound.


The echo sound, invert, and speed tab, is all under the effect tab.

First I saved the YouTube video on Media Player and saved it to my computer and uploaded it to





For some reason, only one of my snapshots copied and pasted as a png image photo and the rest the other 3 as a png image photo.   Word press blog does not accept bng image.  I am trying to find a way to get the images to come through, I was only able to do it as an PowerPoint file or a word.


No luck, I have to link the rest of the snapshots to PowerPoint or Word.

These are snapshots of editing one song and adding another song and editing them together.


Presentation1.pptx 2









New Picture (5)











Draw It – Photo to Drawing Visual Assignment Week 4

I picked this photo because of the word HOPE because as long as you believe, there is hope.The image just catches your eye because it is large and trimmed so neatly.

I do a lot of praying when it comes to this class and if you have faith in prayer, you have hope. 🙂


I took the original image and uploaded it from my computer to pixlr

The Rythm of Hope

And turned it into a drawing

The Rythm of Hope Drawing





I took this original photo and uploaded it in pxlr

New Picture


Under the adjustment tab I clicked on old photo


New Picture (2)

New Picture (3)


Then I clicked on the filter tab and clicked on art photo

New Picture (1)



Then I adjusted the amount of color I wanted and checked the box inverse

New Picture (4)


This is my end result


New Picture (6)


For some reason I cannot just take a screenshot from pixlr and paste it in my blog, I tried it from my dell laptop and my mac book.  I had to paste the snapshot in a word document and then copy and paste in directly in my picture file under my documents


To Look, Listen, and Analyze A Movie

Sometimes when I look at a movie in silence, I tend to make my own assumptions what they are talking about. Even when you can hear a movie most people make assumptions of what is going to happen next. I believe this is how we receive or get the story as a whole.


I tried to embed The Pursuit of Happyness clip, but I had no such luck. Every way I try the whole playlist comes in, I did my Look, Listen, and Analyze on The Pursuit of Happyness number 30. I picked this movie because this is one of my favorite movies because it shows determination not to give up on one’s self.


Camera Work


The scene opens with Will Smith in jail, the cell is dark and he is slouched on the right in a corner. It show Will in an unhappy situation, shadows of the bars with a slight light showing on the wall. The video shows how time passes by from daylight to night and back to daylight. The camera is focused on Will as he runs as fast as he can, there is a slight sun light shining on the right side his face and a quick view of him from the back then to the left side. When He gets to his destination, the camera focuses right on him trying to zip his jacket and his actions shows he is angry and the camera light right on his face as he pushes a man to the side to get off the elevator.


The camera zooms out for the viewer to take notice that Will is not dressed the same way everyone in the waiting room is. The camera zooms back in out on his face from his left to right side. This video shows a lot in a little over 4 minutes and 45 seconds and gives you the visual of what is going on. The light seems a little brighter as the camera focuses on Will as he walks through a crowd of people, standing, talking on the phone, and yelling across the room. The angle of the camera stays focused on his face, the back of his head and now and then on the people he looks at and back to him.


Now the camera is showing Will in the light in the middle, but slightly to the left and two men in the middle, but slightly to the right. The camera goes back and forth as Will talks and the men talk, it shows a blurred background of outside the window when the camera is on the men. When Will talks the camera gives a slight close up and shows different angles from the front center to the left center. The background is showing the people talking on the phones, walking, and standing, this makes the foreground is stronger than the background. So Will is still standing out even though all of this chaos is going on behind him.




A light sound of music that seems to go a little deeper sounding like a violin, but you can feel some sort of sadness from the sound. A slight sound of a clock ticking makes you think time is passing by; and then a man’s voice, but very low tone. An up and steady music beat with a slight sound of a drum and a car speeding by. Not sure, but sound like a pat on something and then a sound of a bell, and then it gets a little quiet. All of a sudden I hear a woman calling for Mr. Gardiner and then phones ringing, and lots of people talking over each other very loud with slight music playing that gets a little louder, sound like a news room. You hear Will talking, introducing himself in a very mellow voice and sound happy. Another voice sounds a little deeper and more serious. Talking back and forth and then the sound of laughter, seems like the conversation went well.


The Full Story


This scene tells how a man down on his luck, just got out of jail and was determined not to miss his interview. Even though he was not dressed properly, he did not let that stop him from going on his interview. This scene also showed that you do not have to lie, there are people out there that will give you a chance when you have determination and is honest about your situation. I know sometimes that does not help, but in this situation it helped in his favor.

























Happy Cow and Calves – Poem of Stevenson DailyCreate 16

The friendly cow all red and white

I never seen a cow so jolly and bright

I can’t believe you are having calves of your own

How loving and happy they will be


She wanders lowing here and there

As her calves keep her running

She will fill them with happiness and fun

Makes you wonder if they will run


And blown by all the winds that pass

They will lay and eat in the fields under the sun

As the friendly cow gets old and white

Now her calves will be friendly, jolly, and bright


Robert Louis Stevenson

My Thoughts on Eberts Article


I found Ebert’s article very interesting because in a sense we tend to analyze when we are watching a moving by assuming what will happened next. As Ebert mentions that it is something anyone can do and you do not have to be an expert.


I like how he points out how he learned how to study films and how it was an experience beyond his imagination.


In his article on “How to Read a Movie”  he mentions how he bought some books that were enormously helpful. There are some concepts that seems to be good in reading movies and the most useful book was “Understanding Movies,” by Louis D. Giannetti. He had the first edition and then now the 11th.


The concepts he were introduced to were:


That visual compositions have “intrinsic weighing.” He believed Louis D. Giannetti meant that certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions. Ebert also states these are not “laws. “To violate” them can be as meaningful as to “follow” them. There is a “Golden Mean,” is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency or the larger concept of the “golden ratio, per Wiki is called the golden section (Latine: Sectio Aurea) or golden mean, per Wiki  

A Rule of thirds is a “rule of thumb” or guideline which applies to the process of composting visual images such as design, films, paintings, and photographs. There are also a positive and negative positions. Ebert calls this position somewhat to the right of center the “strong axis.” In a two-shot, the person on the right will “seem” more dominant over the person on the left. Right is more positive, left is more negative. The movement to the right seems more favorable; to the left, less so. The future seems to live on the right, the past on the left. The top is more dominant over the bottom the foreground is stronger than the background. Symmetrical compositions seem at rest.


There so many things that Ebert talks about, but one thing I realize, he is very passionate in what he does and he really takes his time to go over every inch of a movie. In reality as much time as he spends looking over and reading a movie, there will be things you will miss because I believe after a while you see what you want to see or you have been looking at the same thing for so long, it looks like what you thought it was and your thoughts can be clouded with the amount of time you are looking at a movie over and over again. He even mentions how he had been through “Citizen Kane” at least 30 times and someone noticed a detail he had never seen before, he has another article   about it. I think Ebert’s article will definitely give you things to think about while you are watching a movie.


The two videos I chose to watch were:


Hitchcock loves Bikinis – brilliant demonstration of using film cuts





I thought this was a great example of showing how just one change in a seen can change the concept of what you would think about a person. Hitchcock talks about how the whole story changes with just a visual image of something different in the clip. I thought this was a great example, and it was amazing for me because as a child my mother use to watch his movies that came on every week. I always thought he was creepy when he stands there to explain the concept of the movie and starts off with “Good Evening,” now I see him as a film director or producer. J.



Tarantino // from Below



I thought it was interesting how everything was shown from an angle below and you still get to visualize what to focus on even though it feels almost like the people in the film are watch you for some reason.





Can I Breath – Week 3 Blog Post

I thought last week was one of the most challenging weeks for me, But I think this week was a nightmare and over the top for challenging. I had so many obstacles that I came across this week. I was so frustrated and was thinking I was not going to make it through my assignments. My daughter told me stop thinking so negatively and just concentrate on what assignment I have to do next.
My week started out pretty good, at least I thought so, and then my brother-in-law had to have surgery. It is just me in my sister in the DC metro area; the rest of my family live in New York and Pennsylvania. I knew I had to be there for her and I was OK with getting a little behind to be there for her.

I had to go to New York for a family event; then the unthinkable happen, I had 2 laptops with me thinking I had all of my bases covered and both of them were having issues. I was so happy that my daughter decided to buy me another laptop to help me out. I thought my troubles were over, NOT because now my daughter’s Wi-Fi was not working and she is in grad school. So she needs the internet just as much as I did, every 5-10 minutes we would get disconnected from the internet. Of course, my daughter stated that this never happened and I needed to close anything I was not using. That did not help, it was awful, because I was already behind with posting my assignments and this was not helping me at all. I was not able to post all of my assignments and also stayed in New York an extra day to try and just work on everything because I would have been driving and would not be able to do any assignments. I was so exhausted and stayed up until 2:30 am, and then tried to get a couple of hours sleep before I drove back to Fredericksburg. Got on the highway around 6:00 a.m., and as soon as I got home from my drive, I started working and editing assignments that had errors because I could not get to them, due to connectivity and computer issues. So I am thankful I finally think I got everything up and posted correctly and my main laptop is working also.

I pray week 4 will be better than week 3. I downloaded the Audacity, but have not really gotten a chance to work in it and get comfortable using it.  I have been trying to learn a little about the GarageBand, it was pretty good, but I still have a lot to learn.  There were some things I could not find in my GarageBand and had to use my daughter’s laptop to get some of the vocals I needed.

I have been receiving a lot of positive and helpful feedback to help me with my links and it was very appreciated.  I think I finally got it right, :).  So thanks to my fellow classmates.
Here are my assignments for the week below:

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DailyCreate 12




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