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Never Borrow Money From A Cheap Parent / Homer- Video Assignment

Every time I watch this video it reminds me of a younger cousin I have. Every time her niece asks her for money, The next day she calls her on the phone and say ” You Have My Money.” I don’t understand why her niece always want to borrow money from her and gets annoyed with her harassing her. 🙂

I found this video on YouTube with Bart asking to borrow money from Homer. As soon as he loans Bart the money, he starts asking where his money is. I loved that episode. What I did was add a little text every time Homer asks “Where’s My Money” and I also made the voices faster. This way you can understand how annoying it would be if this happened to you. 

I used Wondershare Video Editor and I wish it did not put their logo across my video. It is blocking by texts I added. The text show what is on Homer’s mind all day now that Bart owes him money.