My Experience So Far With Digital Storytelling 106

It is only Wednesday and I have to admit the class is very interesting, but at the same time it can be stressful when you have no idea what to do or how to do it. Sometimes you look at an assignment and ask yourself “how in the world am I supposed to do that?” This is me all the time, I start to panic before I even try because the assignment may be new to me or it is due at the end of the day. I work fulltime at the Federal Reserve Board in DC. There are times when I can read and work on some of the assignments when I have some down time at work, but because of security blocks, I cannot download nor do some of the assignments until I get home. The only thing I can do is respond to emails and tweet. This is when I start to feel a little nervous and my mind is on overload because I start thinking about what assignments I have to do; and I commute back and forth from Fredericksburg to DC and sometimes it can take up to two hours to get home. I am also taking another class at Germanna Community College two days a week from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm.

I have no time to waste when I get home, straight to my laptop and in between trying to fix me dinner and work on my assignments.The first email I received about the class and the packing list, I thought to myself “what have I gotten myself into?” It sounds funny, and my daughter always tells me that I over thing everything and it causes me to panic and that I need to relax. My response to that is my brain is not as young as yours so I have to panic.

It took me hours to get all of the accounts and links setup and I was exhausted, but I just kept going like I was the energizer bunny. That is my determination to never give up and just keep trying no matter how frustrated and nervous you get when that clock showing you how much time you have left to submit that assignment. Yesterday evening I had my class at Germanna and when I got home last night I started on my daily create to try to submit it on time.

After working long hours, commuting, running to my class at Germanna, responding to school emails about my assignments, and submitting assignments; I still was trying to see if I could tell what I have been experiencing so far last night. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up at 5 am with my laptop still sitting on my lap and realized that I did not type a single word. I thought it was so funny that even though I knew I was tired, I still was thinking I could keep going without taking time to get some rest. In order to do your best, you need to get some rest.  I am hoping that I can learn how to just take everything as something new and fun to learn instead of just something I have to do with a deadline.