My Reflection & Vision – TEDxPhoenix Talk

It is so amazing how talented Kelli Anderson is and what an imagination she has to come up with so many great ideas. Kelli Anderson also has a great sense of humor and that made her small presentation even more interesting. Her creation of the cards looked so simple on the outside, but once the cards were opened, especially the one with the record player inside. I remember years ago, when I was little, we could buy a box of cereal with a paper cardboard record on the back of the cereal box. We could actually play the record; I thought that was really nice back then. The best part of the video was when she talked about how she created a fake New York Times and conflicted belief of people reading the fake news paper.

I realize this class is not really structured to one thing when it comes to creativity, you have to be able to explore and try to create different things way beyond what you see right in front of your eyes. I believe this is what the vision of art is. Even letters can make art; Kelli Anderson shows that in her presentation as well. I realize this is just the beginning; there so much more behind digital storytelling that has not come to light for me yet. I hope I can enjoy and be able to create a vision of art and creativity through my journey in ds106. 