How to Create a Mashup audio between Music and A Conversation

I was not able to paste my snapshots, so I have to explain this tutorial just by text and I hope it is clear enough and I did not forget or miss a step.
First you need to find a video and song that want to blend or mashup  together. For some reason I was not able to do screen shots so when I originally did this assignment only one snapshot came through and I was not able to really explain the step by step details. So I will  try to put it in words as clear as possible.

Second step is to pick a software you want to use for your assignment, I used Audacity for this assignment, but there are other software that can do the same thing as Audacity. As mentioned above, find a video on YouTube and a song you would like to put together. You have visualize what kind of message you want to share or give in your assignment. My message was that when you live with a house full of kids and pets, it can sometimes sound like a whole bunch of voices talking fast that will not take a break or be quiet.
Third,  once you find your video, pick a song you a think will blend well with the video you picked. You can go to any cite you desire to get your music from. I got my song from SounCloud and downloaded the song to my computer.
Fourth, once you have your video and song, you have to use software to download to convert your YouTube video to your computer; I use either Faster YouTube Down Loader to MP3 Converter or if you are using Wndows and Iskysoft Free Video Downloader if you are using a MacBook.
Fifth,  once I downloaded and converted the video, then i uploaded it in Media Player and save it to my computer and then I had to import it from Audacity. Once my video was downloaded, I played around with the sound effects to my desire, I decided to try the echo sound, invert and speed all under the effect tab.
Sixth, once I was comfortable with the video sound I created, then I imported my song and did the same thing with the desired sound I wanted. I just adjusted the speed on the song; it was too slow, so just gave it a little more upbeat sound than what it was originally. Once I have adjusted the song to my desire. Then I just exported both of them and save it to my desired file. Then from Audacity I opened a new assignment and imported the video or you can just copy and paste it in Audacity and under the track of the video you import or copy and paste it Audacity.
Seventh, I just  tried to blend or mashup the song and the video my desire and that is my mashup video assignment tutorial. Once I had my desired sound, exported  and save it to my computer under my desired file and then I uploaded it to SoundCloud and that was my final step to listen and post it to my blog.


Copyright: Tye Productions – The YouTube video was: Funny Dogs and babies talking – Cute dog and baby compilation


Copyright: Lullaby Babies The SoundCloud song was: Hush Little Baby









Babies and Dogs Talking Over Each Other With a Lullaby

I was trying to figure out what kind of assignment I could do, but then I started researching on YouTube about animals.  I came across this video I seen in the past that I thought was so adorable with the babies and dogs talking to each other, more like noise. One of my dear friends that past away 2 years ago had 5 kids, a dog, and always babysat her younger siblings.  It was so much noise at times when I went to visit her, I could not understand how she kept her sanity. She had a lot of patience and loved children, anyway, lot story short.  I was trying to find a way to portray the sounds and noise I did hear in her house sometimes.

This is a sound of babies and dogs and A lullaby song.  I believe this is how some parents hear their children and pets when they have a house full of children along with pets. 🙂


I took a video from YouTube and the other  a song from SoundCloud and did a mash-up with the song, the babies, and dogs voice.


The YouTube video was: Funny Dogs and babies talking – Cute dog and baby compilation


The SoundCloud song was: Hush Little Baby




I used Audacity for the first time, it was not as easy for because I had a had time placing the sounds under a timeline the way I saved both of the audios and could not figure out what I did wrong. Since I did not figure it out until after I changed some sounds I really wanted to keep. I do not have too many screenshots because I was playing around with some sounds to figure out how I wanted everything to blend in.  I used the echo sound and inverted it for the dogs and the babies YouTube video. For the Hush Little Baby song, I just adjusted the speed to make the music a little faster.


The final audio was saved and uploaded to SoundClound.


The echo sound, invert, and speed tab, is all under the effect tab.

First I saved the YouTube video on Media Player and saved it to my computer and uploaded it to





For some reason, only one of my snapshots copied and pasted as a png image photo and the rest the other 3 as a png image photo.   Word press blog does not accept bng image.  I am trying to find a way to get the images to come through, I was only able to do it as an PowerPoint file or a word.


No luck, I have to link the rest of the snapshots to PowerPoint or Word.

These are snapshots of editing one song and adding another song and editing them together.


Presentation1.pptx 2









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