Video Assignments – Challenging – Week 4 Summary

This week was really hard for me, I have been so busy at work and with my other class, I have not been able to get much done, and I realize this week that the assignments are overwhelming and are taking much longer. I have been trying to use my Movie Maker and IMovie, it has not been as easy for me because it seems when I download my movies for Movie Maker, they only play in Realplayer as a video and I Movie is not as simple as they say it is. It has been challenging for me and of course, I am behind because of it. I am trying not to get frustrated, but I hate when you have every scheduled and planned and all of a sudden, you get hit with a curve ball.

I have received some nice comments and a little comments on me not embedded my links, sometimes I still be working on posting them and sometimes I have issues posting them, depending on what software I use. I have not even looked at what is due by Thursday and I am scared to look.  I just want to be able to relax, and workout and cook me a nice dinner. Since this class started, I thing I was only able to work out twice and if I do cook, it is something really quick. Well week for has been the most challenging and aggravated week. I am having so many problems with the audio part to this Foley. This is aggravating me and I have not gotten any sleep for almost 2 days trying to get this thing right. L.


Here are my assignments I finally accomplished this week.


Daily Create 13


Daily Create 14


Daily Create 15


Daily Create 16




Audio Assignments

Visual Assignments

Look Listen and Analyze

Thoughts on Ebert’s Article





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